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Exploring Guitar 1.2

Chord and scale creator and explorer for guitar players
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If you are an intermediate or advanced guitar player, Exploring Guitar is an excellent tool for improving your skills. This program is an outstanding aid for becoming more familiar with the instrument since it allows you to find chords and scales in all notes and create your own ones. Also, you can hear those scales ando chords note-by-note in several guitar modes, like nylon-string, distortion, overdrive, electric clean, and so on. The program has an easy-to-use graphic interface that allows you to find any given note on the fretboard, the scales derived from that notes and the chords that can be constructed within that scales. For example, you can find all the G notes in the fretboard using the All Notes feature. The Logical Mode allows you to find all the notes of any given scale in the entire fretboard so you can select the notes you want to add to a chord. You can choose the scale you want to display from the scale List. The Interval Mode lets you select a tonic note and any of the 12 possible intervals that you can add to a chord. Finally, the Chord mode shows the different chords that can be formed in the entire fretboard. The program lets you do all this and more, and it's absolutely free.

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